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May 30, 2018 | by Michael
Fallout 76 is the New Fallout Game Coming From Bethesda

Teasing a teaser, Bethesda started a live stream yesterday with some Fallout theming leaving everyone to begin wishing and hoping. Just a day later we get slid a teaser for an upcoming E3 announcement about Fallout 76. Showing only the inside of Vault 76, we see what looks like a going away party. Then whoever is preparing to venture out into the harsh realities of the Fallout world slaps on a Pipboy and that’s it. No word on a release date, no real solid info about what this game will be, we just know this is some Fallout-ass-Fallout.

Bethesda did say this game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC which leads me to believe it’s a full game and not a Fallout Shelter like entry into the series. Vault 76 does hold slight significance in Fallout lore. Its location has never been in any game, leaving me to believe that you’ll be exiting into a more “developed” Fallout universe. Maybe the game is much more focused about living in the vault instead of an extensive story line outside of it. Or maybe it’s a teaser and this is just another Fallout game. Who knows?

Some rumors are bouncing around that Fallout 76 will be an online survival game. Not too shocking to believe when you look at the success of games like Rust. A persistent, loot based world that you can explore and conquer with friends could be pretty dope. Let’s just hope Bethesda has seen the loot box blood in the water and steers clear. Probably look for more about Fallout 76 in a few weeks at E3.

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