August 1, 2016 | by Rose
Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Delayed Yet Again

Remember when Fallout 4 was announced and everyone was excited for the advent of console modding? PS4 players certainly do, because they’re still waiting on that promise from Bethesda that seems to grow less and less likely by the day.

There have been multiple stories over the past couple months reporting delays and reasoning behind said delays for the PS4’s Fallout 4 Mod Creation Kit. From issues with unsupported sound files, to storage limits preventing users from uploading anything larger than 900 MB, the feature originally slated for a June launch has now been left in limbo with an “Under Evaluation” status.

Bethesda has always had an unfortunate history with Sony platform releases. Skyrim was a nigh-unplayable mess for a good chunk of its time after release, and other ports have always seemed inferior to their Xbox counterparts. This has been particularly messy though, as this feature has been available on both Xbox One and PC for most of this past year. To make matters worse, Bethesda has been certain to make the launch of all paid downloadable content simultaneous, which has led to a lot of cynicism from Fallout 4 fans.

Bethesda says they’re talking with Sony about what they can do with regards to issues like storage limits and other platform issues, and we’ll keep you updated as the news develops.


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