April 26, 2016 | by Michael
Fallout 4 Mods Finally Coming to Consoles, In 2 Months

Part of what sold me on Fallout 4, besides being a goddamned Fallout game, was the promise of mod support on consoles. I knew that in addition to some dope DLC, Fallout fans could always look forward to amazing mods. Until Fallout 4, those mods were restricted to PC players only. It felt like, for once, console players were getting to see some of the benefits that PC players often enjoy.

Then five months went by. Fallout 4 has been out since last November and while Bethesda has laid out its DLC plans, no word came about console mod support. That is, until today, when Bethesda announced their Creation Kit is now in open beta for PC players and console players will soon get support too. Xbox One players will get mods in May and PS4 in June.

I don’t want to discount how difficult good mod support is and I can’t imagine the hoops Bethesda must jump through to get mods working on consoles, but a promise is a promise. Six and even seven months after release is a decent time frame but publishers and developers must get better at communicating. It’s much easier for fans to sympathize when they know, for sure, you’re working hard. Some people simply will never be satisfied, but I believe most people, like me, just want our worries to be sated.

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