November 25, 2015 | by Michael
Extra Life Recap

Extra Life was just last weekend and somehow, despite Bubsy, Garfield, and Johnathan, we all survived and raised a lot of money for kids. You can still donate until the end of the year to help buy children, who are stuck in hospitals for some not so good reasons, video games so they can feel more like kids and less like patients.

While you’re looking up your credit card info to donate you can relive some of Michael’s 12-hour stream. Due to Twitch/Youtube’s inability to process longer streams half of Michael’s stream won’t be uploaded to Youtube and very little of John and Ryan’s stream remains. So enjoy what you can, while you can, and remember it’s all for the kids.

While it lasts you can watch Michael’s entire stream on twitch.

Or you can watch what did transfer over onto Youtube:


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