May 15, 2019 | by Elvie
Elvie’s Intro Post

I’m Elvie (or alternatively, LV, just so I get to sound cooler and more mysterious), hopping aboard the Chooch train in hopes of continuing to spread the good gospel of games™!

I’m a small cryptid(?) from New Jersey that swam her way across the Hudson to live in New York City just to complain about how expensive everything is.

By day, I’m actually an animator and designer. With the rest of the hours of a day that can be spared and sacrificed, I dabble in other creative ventures such as writing. I’ve written for a number of other platforms not just honing in on video games, but also by reviewing comics and responding to issues in the animation industry. I’m also currently a DM for a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign, in which my blood, sweat, and tears sustain the hours on end of long (but thrilling!) nights of roleplaying and discoursing Elves.

My first dabble into video games started when my older sisters would let me play the SNES with them. We never finished A Link to the Past — and that is something that kind of haunts me — but I would say having these early gaming experiences with my family definitely have been deeply influential to me as they themselves ironically do not play these days.

My priorities as of late include fantasy titles, RPGs, and whether or not I can date the main characters. I also love eating up titles that on a general consensus are considered really, REALLY bad. I sometimes burying because aren’t we all? Lately, I’ve also been trying my best to support as many indie-produced projects as much as I can.

Gaming, in both analog and digital, have truly been formative to who I am. Games are not only sources of entertainment, but it has enabled me to think about art in new ways through the perspective of a creative and how to interact with other creatives.

At the end of the day, let’s all just work to have some fun!

Elvie is a lost creature wrought out of recycled materials from New Jersey. She is the designated subtweeter of the social media channels.

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