February 27, 2017 | by Ryan
EA’s Peter Moore Leaving Company For Liverpool Football Club

Anyone who’s watched EA’s E3 conferences over the last few years will likely be familiar with Peter Moore, the company’s former Sports President and current “Chief Competition Officer” since 2015. The face behind EA’s wide lineup of sports games, Moore is also the top dog in regards to the company’s recent push into the wide world of eSports.  However, all that will soon change, as Moore has announced plans to leave EA and take over as the CEO of the real-life Liverpool Football Club.

Although he was previously employed at Microsoft, and as the President of SEGA of America, his work at EA has had a lasting impact on the company’s approach to competitive content. In a press release, EA CEO Andrew Wilson states Moore “has driven EA’s rapid expansion in competitive gaming” and helped navigate “the evolution of [their] business in a digital world.”

It remains to be seen whether Moore’s departure will have a significant impact on the future of EA’s eSports content. According to the release, Moore will be working on a “leadership transition” before leaving the company. In any case, we’ll still be seeing plenty of sports games out of EA at E3 this year, regardless of if it’s before or after Moore takes up his new duties this June.


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