June 12, 2016 | by VGCC Staff
EA Unveils Multiple New Sports Games, Along With eSports Initiative

It’s E3, and it’s EA so that can only mean thing – sports, and lots of ’em. As ever, FIFA was the star of the show, with the company unveiling a new mode: The Journey; a story mode following the career of a young player, Alex Hunter, who the player takes from the ranks of youth football to the Premier League.

FIFA is also set to feature new AI systems, as well as an overhaul on the game’s physical play systems, and new attacking options; though the company was incredibly sparse on details for what these changes would mean for gameplay.

EA also showed off this year’s edition of Madden, but was yet again, remarkably light on specifics.

Perhaps the most interesting thing sports-related to come out of EA’s press conference was it’s new eSports initiative, which will kick off this weekend in Madden 16. The company will present three types of contests, featuring “Challenge”, “Premier”, and “EA Major” events. Challenge events will be more open to all players, and there was an implication that these would be much more frequent and easily held. “Premier” events will comprise larger scale tournaments, while “EA Majors”, as the name implies, will be held on the largest scale, and presumably feature significantly large prize pools.

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