June 15, 2021 | by John
E3 2021 Day 6 – Nintendo Direct Roundup

Nintendo easily had the best showing of E3, in my opinion. (Look, I know, Covid, but still.) There was really something for everyone here, so here’s the rundown.

The stream started with the reveal of Kazuya Mishima as a Smash Bros fighter. He has all of his Tekken moves and sweet kicks and electrics, so Smash truly feels like a fighting game crossover. Ryu, Terry, and Kazuya all in one game! That’s rad. There will be a gameplay showcase with Sakurai on the 28th.

Life is Strange Remastered and New Colors are coming to Switch. Finally, you can be an empath on the go.

Super Monkey Ball is getting a remaster collection, compiling the first three titles (1, 2, and Deluxe) into one big bundle. Banana Mania is dropping October 5th.

Mario Party Superstars is a collection of N64 Mario Party boards with modern gameplay. There’s even an online mode that lets you join random people online instead of just playing solo if you don’t have local/online friends available. Superstars launches October 29th.

Metroid Dread is real. It’s a cheap pop, sure, but I sure did hoot and holler so they won. This’ll be a new 2D Metroid made by both the original Metroid team and Mercurysteam, and there’s an evil robot that’ll hunt you down throughout the game! It looks sick as hell and I’m very much looking forward to a new 2D Metroid. Dread drops October 8th.

New Warioware! This one is based around joycon movements and has multiplayer minigames as well. The whole classic cast will be back working for Wario and the game releases September 10th.

Shin Megami Tensei V got a new trailer, and folks, the protag is hot. The entire Twitter feed was celebrating how “GNC” they look, and good for y’all! I’ll say the gameplay looks like SMT, which is also very good, and I’m looking forward to convincing demon bastards to die for me on November 12th.

With maybe the funniest game title this year, Danganronpa is coming to Switch in the Decadence collection. A physical version with four games (1, 2, and V3 plus a new spinoff game called Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp) will release later this year, with each game releasing separately on the eShop. There will also be a big special edition with bonus posters and the like.

The Wii U Fatal Frame game, Maiden of Black Water, will be coming to Switch…and PS5, PS4, and the Xbox consoles. The Wii U is now a Xenoblade Chronicles X machine and nothing more. I mean, unless you’re gonna ha-…ahem.

Advance Wars is back with a remaster of the first two games. Yeah it’s not pixel art, but I personally like the art style and I’m excited to see if this’ll lead to a new game! Full price is maybe too much of an ask, too. I dunno, we’ll see when the remake collection hits December 3rd.

The showcase ended with a Zelda roundup, mentioning the Skyward Sword port, the Age of Calamity expansion pass (first wave hitting June 18th, second wave in November), a Zelda Game and Watch that has Zelda 1, 2, and Link’s Awakening (not DX? alright?) releasing November 12th. At the end, there was another “Sequel to Breath of the Wild” trailer that sure looks like BotW but they’re claiming it’ll come out in 2022. I doubt this! But we’ll see.

aonuma zelda game and watch

Overall this Direct whipped! Thanks. There was also a new Super Robot Wars game shown in the Japanese Direct so I’ll put that trailer here so you know I’m a realhead.

Plus here’s the entire Direct to see everything I didn’t mention.

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