July 28, 2015 | by Ryan
Dragon Quest XI Officially Announced

After yesterday’s minor leak, Dragon Quest XI: In Search of a Departed Time was detailed during an extensive Dragon Quest livestream that featured multiple upcoming titles. Square Enix confirmed the game will be at least be released for PS4 and 3DS. However, they have stated that along with Dragon Quest x, Square Enix is “considering” the game for release on Nintendo’s upcoming console NX.

This would make Dragon Quest XI and X possibly two of the first games released for the still mysterious NX. Since Dragon Quest X was originally released for both Wii and Wii U, it’s likely Square Enix is waiting to see how powerful the NX is before making a commitment – it could be a poor move to promise a game for an upcoming console that’s still nothing but a codeword.

As for the versions we know about, no release date has been confirmed for either console. On that note, there’s been no word on western localization for the game either. All we know is that the PS4 version will run on the Unreal 4 engine, and the 3DS version will have one key difference in that the bottom screen will display a 2D version of gameplay akin to SNES graphics. It may seem odd, but it’s likely Dragon Quest XI won’t release until around the series’ 30th anniversary next year, and perhaps these retro graphics are serving as a nostalgic callback.

View the first look at 3DS Dragon Quest XI gameplay below:

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