Fallout 76
June 9, 2019 | by Solon
Do You Love Fallout 76? Yeah Me Too!

Fallout 76 won the Video Game Choo Choo WTF Award for being one of the worst mistakes to have happened in 2018. It’s still here. At their E3 showcase, Bethesda announced the Fallout 76 “Wastelanders” update.

They added NPCs so now we can actually interact with someone in the game that isn’t actively trying to prove they are better than me. There are choices & consequences? At least that feels more like a multiplayer Fallout type of game as opposed to something that Fallout is not.

You might not be convinced that you need to play this, so to sweeten the deal, Bethesda out of the goodwill of their hearts have put Fallout 76 up for free all week long this week.

And you still might not be convinced that this is a video game, so they are also debuting a battle royale mode called “Nuclear Winter” where 76 vault dwellers ent- wait sorry, for lore reasons it’s Fifty-Two players that enter a battle royale map and try to throw nuclear weapons at each other. God… Hard to believe that “NPCs” is an announcement…

You made it all the way down here? Great job! And thank you!

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