September 27, 2016 | by John
Destiny 2 May Be on PC

According to sources talking to Jason Schreier at Kotaku, the next full entry in the Destiny series will come to PC as well as consoles.

Earlier today, a NeoGAF poster called benny_a posted that a friend of his who works for Activision had let slip that the loot-driven shooter was being brought to PC with the new iteration, and that raid matchmaking will be coming. Benny_a continues and claims that both High Moon Studios, creators of the Transformers third person shooters, and Vicarious Visions, known for their work on Skylanders, are both assisting Bungie with this new game.

Jason confirms that he has heard all of these things from sources, then continues, claiming that Destiny 2 will be a departure from the first game, as Activision wishes to repel anyone saying Destiny 2 could’ve just been another expansion. He goes so far to say that Bungie isn’t currently sure how today’s Destiny players will be able to use their characters in the new game. Things are really shaking up for Destiny, and it seems to be for the better.

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