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June 6, 2019 | by John
Destiny 2 Goes Free to Play, Coming to Steam

Destiny 2‘s pre-E3 stream revealed some new details about how the game will evolve in the coming years. To start, the latest expansion, Shadowkeep, was detailed, showing a teaser trailer and talking about the changes being brought to the franchise.

The Destiny team is now referring to the game as an action MMO. Bungie discussed that cross-save is coming to all platforms, even Sony, which was a worry that many people had after earlier leaks said otherwise. Talk is that this was decided last minute, on Playstation’s end.

Bungie has also promised that New Light, a new version of Destiny 2, will launch for free, allowing new players to hop in to the current new free modes with friends at a baseline level without the grind to current Destiny 2‘s state. They also say that Shadowkeep will be a paid, standalone update, not tied to previous story so new players can hop in.

Finally, Destiny 2 will launch on Stadia, and from now on the PC version will be on Steam instead of Battle.Net. The game will come over to Steam when Shadowkeep launches, and Bungie says that all content previously purchased will be transferable to Steam seamlessly.

Shadowkeep is being heralded as a more “horror” themed expansion for Destiny. A “darkness” has risen from the depths of the Moon, and enemies previously thought defeated will return. Bungie also says they’ll be focusing on making systems more RPG-esque, making stats more involved in character specs and customization. Mods can now be assigned to any armor you want, so you don’t have to sacrifice your armor stats for mod perks. Each class will also have new “finishing moves” to defeat foes quickly and stylishly. A new raid in “Black Garden” is also coming.

Shadowkeep is launching September 17th, 2019.

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