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November 27, 2017 | by Ryan
Demon’s Souls Going Dark

If you got in on the ground floor of FromSoftware’s iconic Souls series, then you’ll remember Demon’s Souls, the solid initial installment which has since been eclipsed by its younger sibling, Dark Souls. Now, it looks like the future of Demon’s Souls’ online experience is in trouble: on February 28, 2018, Sony Japan plans to shut down Demon’s Souls servers.

This marks the end of a nine-year operation period since the game launched for PS3 in February 2009. Demon’s Souls will still be playable, but it will lack functions which some might consider integral to the Souls experience: co-op play, PVP invasions, hint messages, and death-indicator bloodstains. Without these elements, Demon’s Souls will essentially become a narrower, single-player experience.

Although this closure was announced by Sony’s Japanese branch, there’s no official confirmation that the servers will be shutting down in North America, especially considering that the game’s release was handled by Atlus in the States. That being said, the official Souls Twitter account has released a short statement, implying that this shutdown will be worldwide.

Even without online elements, Demon’s Souls is still a game worth playing, especially for those who enjoy Dark Souls and are interested in discovering its roots. While Demon’s Souls will be cut off soon, online functionality remains for all three Dark Souls titles, as well as Bloodborne. Let’s hope they stick around as long as Demon’s.

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