April 27, 2016 | by Scott B
Dark Souls Developer Focusing On New, Original IP

Director of the Souls franchise and president of From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki, was recently interviewed by the Chinese outlet GNN Gamer, and translated by NeoGaf, and let out a ton of information on upcoming plans for their company.  He has stated that “development of a new IP has already begun.”

“To me personally Dark Souls is over,” said Miyazaki, who expressed that he wished to move the company in a different direction. While it’s unclear what exactly they’re working on next, there aren’t any plans for any “sequels, spin-offs or tie-ins,” which means there probably won’t be a Bloodborne 2 coming anytime soon.

However Miyazaki also said more Souls games aren’t totally out of the question. When asked if the series is really coming to an end, he said that five years down the line if other From Software developers wanted to take the reigns on a new Souls game, he would consider allowing another team to work on the project.

When asked about DLC for Dark Souls 3, Miyazaki confirmed 3 upcoming expansions. The first is set for Fall 2016, the second for early 2017, and the third is to be determined.

One of the most disappointing things to come out of the interview is when asked if a Demon’s Souls remaster was in the works, Miyazaki stated that “We want to try making new things.” This is a huge bummer to a ton of fans, myself included, who not only want to see Demon’s Souls return, but also finished, considering one of the six areas of the game was cut before release. That hasn’t stopped hackers from exploring it though.

One last thing Miyazaki was asked about was the future of the Armored Core games, another one of the core franchises of From Software. While he said that he personally wants to make another one, he can’t reveal anything about it at the moment.

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