March 17, 2015 | by John
Danganronpa Murder Mystery Event at Anime Conji

If you’re a Danganronpa fan who lives in San Deigo, good news! Anime Conji, NISA, and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation are teaming up to start a murder mystery event on April 4th. Con-goers can meet up at 10am and start hunting for truth bullets hidden around the convention hall. Once you find them all, you’re allowed entry into the class trial, where a heinous debate will occur, and you must doom one of four cosplayers to death….or at least a fancy-looking fake death cutscene or something. There’s more info here, along with pictures of the cosplayers (who are all talented as hell, from what I can tell). If you’re participating, tell us how it went! I’d love to go, but obviously NISA wouldn’t let me, because I’d be too powerful and I’d win immediately.

John Michonski is Video Game Choo Choo's Editor in Chief. He's a fun man who likes to do good.

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