September 14, 2015 | by John
Danganronpa 3 Probably Confirmed for Sony’s TGS Show

I know they say “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”, but an official Danganronpa Twitter account has been hinting at an announcement during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s Tokyo Game Show event, and my money’s on the first trailer for Danganronpa 3.

The Tweets are a conversation between the Danganronpa Koubaibou (an official account, mind you) and the series’ producer Yoshinori Terasawa. Here are the Tweets, with translations underneith. Thanks to Gematsu for the translations!

“With SCEJA Press Conference 2015 and Tokyo Game Show 2015 and the Hope’s Peak Academy Koubaibu Gakudai-Ban, there’s a lot happening this week… I wonder why it’s all being piled on at a time like this?”

“This is being streamed, right? It was starting at 16:00, is that right? Is it bad if I don’t see it? Will I get the feeling that I missed something? (lol)”

“I have a feeling it’ll be a conference that shouldn’t be missed… If you don’t see it, you’ll regret it!”

Exciting stuff! This could be the next mainline game, or it could be another spinoff, as Kodaka Kazutaka, the series’ lead writer, has been on record saying the story’s scenario isn’t even written yet. But, who knows, maybe he was lying and the game’s going to be here sooner than we thought. As long as it’s better than Ultra Despair Girls, we’re golden.

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