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June 10, 2019 | by Rose
Cris Tales is a Pretty Little RPG

Cris Tales was shown off at the PC Games Show today and while it was initially pitched as a game along the lines of Evoland, the actual game is a lot more interesting than a nostalgic tread through some RPG memories.

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The conceit of Cris Tales is that you’ll be able to control what’s happening in the past, present, and future, all on the same screen. You’ll be doing things in one time period in order to change things in the next and so on and so forth. I actually think it’s really interesting to have a more nuanced and direct presentation of this concept instead of the usual time travel gameplay most RPGs have where you just sort of go back and forth between zones on a map.

While Cris Tales has been around for a few years now, it finally has a targeted release date of 2020, and you can download a free demo right now on Steam.

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