May 14, 2018 | by Michael
Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions is Shutting Down

Cliff Bleszinski announced today, via his twitter, that his production company Boss Key will no longer be in business. After the lackluster response to Lawbreakers and the “last ditch attempt” that was Radical Heights, enough was enough and Boss Key just couldn’t hold on. This will be the absolute end for Lawbreakers, and Radical Heights will almost certainly be a dead game before the end of the summer.

This isn’t a surprising announcement. Lawbreakers was interesting but never found the correct footing to really establish itself and become sustainable. Radical Heights seemed like a decent followup but Boss Key didn’t take their time. Instead of innovating on a red hot genre they slapped together an alpha, albeit with some neat concepts, and put it out hoping the public would eat it up. Even with a Fortnite server hiccup to help, Radical Heights never gained even a respectable player base.

Cliff says he’ll take some time away to reflect on Boss Key’s demise. No real word on when Redical Heights‘ servers will do down, but without a company to fund them I can’t imagine it’ll be long. I’m sure Cliff will land on his feet and find his way in the future, hopefully all of Boss Key’s employees can do the same.

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