Six (heh) years after its release, the incredible and iconic strategy game Civilization V is finally getting a proper sequel. Due out for PC on October 21st, Civilization VI is set as the newest main installment in Sid Meier’s grand canon of turn-based time destroyers.

civilization vi screenshot

The game seems to feature a handful of improvements over its predecessor, including things like cities actually physically expanding in size on the map (as opposed to being restricted to one tile) and multiplayer modes which will reduce playtime to a single session. Civilization VI will include a boatload of tutorials for new players, making it even easier for people to get sucked in.

With hundreds of hours logged into Civ V, I’m interested to see how Civ VI turns out. After all, what else do I need aside from a new way to engage in nuclear warfare with George Washington and Ghandi?

Check out the new trailer below:

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