June 9, 2015 | by Michael
Chris Avellone Leaves Obsidian

One of the founders of Obsidian Entertainment has left the company. For years Chris Avellone worked as a designer and writer at Obsidian working on projects like Kotor 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and Neverwinter Nights 2. After twelve years however, he is moving on “to pursue new projects”. Avellone is the first of Obsidian’s founders to leave the company but his talents, and his resume, will certainly find him a new place to work quickly. With so much talent recently heading off towards VR you have to wonder if Avellone will end up working on one of those.

Obsidian just finished work on Pillars of Eternity back in March so Avellone’s leaving is good timing. Hopefully at E3 next week we can learn some more about Obsidian’s future.

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