June 12, 2015 | by VGCC Staff
Chooch’s E3 Plans

E3 is only a few days away, and we here at Video Game Choo Choo are ready to take on the behemoth. We’ve got plans for the entire week, for every conference, and even some special content to keep you informed about what’s happening every day both in the news and on the show floor.

Before the Conference:

Before anything begins we’ll have a special edition of the Chooch podcast where we’ll share our predictions and insider knowledge and answer any questions you have about this year’s show. None of us are judges at the show, so this won’t be a “sealed envelope” podcast, just our knowledgeable, informed, and totally not guesswork predictions.

At the Conference:

Our man in the field John will be at E3 along with former site notables Will Westwater and Mike Cosimano. They’ll be seeing games, watching the conference, eating In-N-Out, and recording podcasts. Almost every day of the show those knuckleheads will try to sit down and talk about what they saw and record a podcast, giving you’ll a first hand accounts of what E3 is like. Rumour also has it that they’re planning to create some videos for you, so keep your eyes peeled for Will Westwater’s magnificent physique. Will John eat a tomato? Will Mike finally drive John to insanity? Will Will’s beauty simply break the camera? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Back at Home Base:

As the conferences airs and the news flies we’ll keep you covered. All the press conferences, announcements, updates, mentions, ore even mere hints will get passed on to you here on at the Chooch liveblogs. In addition we’ll be breaking news just like normal on the site. Any big announcements will get their own stories, so if you don’t feel like running through a full press conference blog you can always just look through our news headlines as usual.

This means that every press conference from Sunday through Tuesday will be thoroughly covered, and as the show itself opens we’ll continue to post stories and updates. We’ll be updating our site’s twitter and tumblr constantly with all these updates and stories, so be sure to follow us for minute by minute announcements straight from E3.

That’s everything! Live press conference coverage, on site podcasts, tons of news, and even more video games. And don’t forget the podcast the week after E3 where we’ll look back and reminisce about the show and begin counting down to E3 2016. Hope to see you on the site all throughout E3 and I’ll leave you with what an example of the seriousness we bring to E3.

VGCC Staff

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