March 16, 2017 | by Michael
CEO of Telltale Leaves Company

One of the founders and CEO of Telltale has stepped down. According to Kotaku who obtained his farewell email to his company which read:

“We’ve grown aggressively since Telltale’s inception, and now Telltale is bigger than I ever dreamed it would be. There are many possible futures for Telltale, and all of them are exciting and uniquely challenging. The time has come to pass the reins to someone that can better drive Telltale to the next level and realize all the potential that is here.”

Co-founder Dan Connors will take over in the meantime, but it sure looks like Telltale has grown so much that a different kind of CEO is needed to run the developer. With so many projects, and a ton of high profile clients, it’s too hard to imagine how hefty some of these deals can be. With so many projects running at once, sometimes you need someone else to come in who can handle the growth.

This news is coming just a little while after Telltale showed off new screenshots from their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game. No telling how this could affect future projects and deals, but for now it’s safe to assume Telltale will continue to grow and make more high profile games.

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