June 13, 2016 | by VGCC Staff
CD Projekt Red Announces Solo Gwent Game

Out of The Witcher 3 and into E3 comes a standalone Gwent game, simply called Gwent. According to CD Projekt Red, the game will be a full multiplayer experience, available to players of all kinds through Microsoft’s cross-platform initiative.

The game is apparently no different than the version of Gwent found in The Witcher 3, still requiring strategy and cunning to manage your ten cards. Interestingly enough, Gwent will also have a single player campaign, following in the footsteps of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which was detailed at Bethesda’s conference.

No exact release date was given on Gwent, other than being due out sometime in September. According to CD Projekt Red, this was a “passion project,” so keep an eye out.

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