Monster Hunter movie adaptation, Hollywood
September 15, 2016 | by Rose
Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Movie

In news I honestly never thought would ever be written, Capcom has announced a Hollywood film based on their Monster Hunter series of games at Tokyo Game Show.

There’s no hard info aside from Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto coming on stage to both announce the project, and state that the film is “progressing through development”.

Most movies based on games rarely end up getting past the scripting stage, and this particular experience seems like it’d be difficult to translate to film. It does make sense though, Monster Hunter has always been a blockbuster series in Japan, and its not surprising with how successful other game-based movies, like Yokai Watch, have been that Capcom would want to try and get in on the action.

If we ever see more of this film in the future, I am sure as hell going to talk about it.

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