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October 18, 2017 | by Rose
Blue Revolver to Receive “Black Label” Update

Blue Revolver is a great shmup! Blue Revolver is also a year old!

To celebrate the anniversary of its release, developers Stellar Circle are releasing a substantial “Black Label” update in January 2018.

Outlined on the game’s official site, the free update will include several new features and adjustments:

  • Standard play is now “Arcade Mode”, featuring rebalanced weapons, reworked BREAKs, gameplay tweaks, an overhauled last stage and greater scoring potential for masters to chase.
  • Missions mode is entirely reworked – new structure, more unique missions, score tracking. Missions are tuned to be generally easier / more permissive, with bigger requirements to get the top rewards.
  • Experimental Weapon mode becomes “Arrange Mode” – powerful weapons with recharging ammo and an all-new scoring system. Intended for experts, but enjoyable at all skill levels.
  • An all-new extra mode puts Dee in the pilot seat, featuring short quick-fire “bursts” of gameplay and a new powerup system. How long can you last?
  • New arranged soundtrack by Exemia and Hagane.
  • New, expanded tutorials better introduce the fundamentals.
  • Tons of new unlockables – including “Data Files” that reveal more about the world and characters, graphical filters and more.
  • “Gadgets” put extra game information on-screen for widescreen resolutions, with better stat tracking for things like personal best stage scores and breaks acquired.
  • More localizations (exact list TBC) and support for user-created localizations.
  • Plenty of extra quality-of-life stuff.

All in all these adjustments sound pretty good! John and I played Blue Revolver last year, and while it may not have ended up earning any big GOTY awards, I think we both really loved it. I’m especially excited for the new Missions mode, because when I last played I remembered being disappointed at how similar and simplistic a lot of them were.

Blue Revolver: Black Label will be launching in January 2018 on Steam, Humble, and, with the original release of the game becoming available for all the purists under the title Blue Revolver: White Label.

Rose is a video games player, video games writer, and video games thinker from MA. She has a lot of opinions.

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