February 7, 2017 | by Rose
Blizzard’s New World of Warcraft Token Options Have Doubled Their Value

Back in 2015, Blizzard added a fancy new feature to help curb the real money trading woes of World of Warcraft in the form of the WoW Token. The idea was simple; people who want to acquire a large amount of gold can do so with their own expendable, real world income by purchasing and selling a 30 day subscription to WoW on the in-game auction house. Now, Blizzard is taking the WoW Token to its unfortunate financially logical step.

Starting yesterday, players who purchase the WoW Token in-game will also be able to exchange the token for $15 of Battle.net credit, usable in any of Blizzard’s games. That means that players will be able to grind in World of Warcraft to buy Overwatch loot boxes, Hearthstone card packs, or Heroes of the Storm characters.

Since, on the surface this seems like a fantastic change, it’d be easy to assume that WoW Token sales would go up by quite a bit, and, well, yeah they did.

Although there’s been a slight dip, probably just because of sellers getting antsy about lack of instant sales, the price of the WoW Token has almost doubled since the announcement.

If you’re thinking of making a quick in-game buck at the moment you wouldn’t be too foolish to take advantage of this boom, 110k gold for $20 is a pretty decent deal. It’s pretty interesting to see Blizzard do something like this to expand their in-game economies to their other games and- Ok i can’t pull of this whole professional reporting bit why did they do this to me.

Look at her, this is Ms. Stormrage, my WoW Demon Hunter who I love.

Because of this stupid change now I probably won’t be able to re-sub to World of Warcraft for a while because I am poor and was solely playing because I could afford the time spent to get the 50k or so gold I needed for tokens to satisfy my cravings every now and again. Maybe someday they’ll change it back but for now I actually have to consider when to use this next token and that blows! Why did you do this Blizzard? Why do you hate me? Is it because I said Legion was only “good” and not “The best MMO gets even better!”?

Is it really worth taking away my beautiful daughter, Thirteen the Death Knight, and preventing her from flexing for cute girls even more? Are you happy? Is that tiny revenue increase and Overwatch loot box metric that important that you’re gonna do me like this? Why.

You’re going to make Tiny Chomp, my tiny weird evil demon pup, cry. I hope you can live with what you’ve done.


Rose is a video games player, video games writer, and video games thinker from MA. She has a lot of opinions.

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