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September 14, 2016 | by Rose
Bioware, Maxis, and Others Come Together as EA Worldwide Studios

Electronic Arts announced today in a blog post the formation of a more organized structure for many of the companies under its larger corporate umbrella.

EA Worldwide Studios will be bring together studios like EA Mobile, Maxis, and Bioware under the controlled leadership of Patrick Soderlund, who formerly served as vice president of the EA Games division, where he did a lot of the same work.  EA Mobile and Maxis will continue to serve under their senior vice president Samantha Ryan, who will also be taking over for leadership of Bioware.

On the technical side of things, the team that developed the Frostbite Engine will be integrated with EA’s technology team, led by their chief technology officer Ken Moss.

EA has pushed these shifts as helping their ongoing goals of being “player-first”, something they’ve discussed at length during E3 and most of this past year.

How this will change both how EA games are developed and how the company itself is perceived by the public is a little hard to guess for now, but hopefully this leads to more diverse and thought out games by the help of many different studios.

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