Beyond Good and Evil 2
September 27, 2016 | by Ryan
Beyond Good And Evil 2 Teased With New Art

The sequel to the 2003 action-adventure game Beyond Good and Evil has been in limbo since its announcement in 2008. Created by Michel Ancel, the man also responsible for the Rayman franchise, Beyond Good and Evil was intended to be the first installment in a trilogy which has yet to materialize. Over the last few years, however, vague evidence has surfaced suggesting Beyond Good and Evil 2 might be very close to completion. Today, Michel Ancel went to Instagram to release what appears to be a piece of concept art for the long-anticipated game.


The post kept from divulging any possible details about Beyond Good and Evil 2, simply stating “thanks [Ubisoft] for making this possible!” and leaving commenters to run wild with speculation. Many posters suggested the game might be exclusive to the NX, which falls in line with rumors that Beyond Good and Evil 2 might be bankrolled by Nintendo.

Last we heard, Michel Ancel was still involved in the development of WiLD, the game where you play as a shaman who possesses various animals. No word on how that’ll affect the already complicated development process of Beyond Good and Evil 2, but it’s likely that we’ll be hearing more about BGaE 2 in the coming months.

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