June 21, 2015 | by Michael
Batman Special Editions Are Being Cancelled/Delayed

If you’re one of the die hard fans of the Batman games and pre-ordered some of the special editions then you may want to sit down for a moment. Both the Batmobile Edition and Gamestop’s Limited Edition have both been delayed or cancelled in some way. Earlier this week the $200 Batmobile edition, which was supposed to include a transformable toy Batmobile, was cancelled with a post to the Rocksteady forums. Making a toy isn’t easy and it looks like the Batmobile wasn’t up to their standards and so Warner Bros. chose not to sell. Those who already ordered the package can get a refund from wherever they purchased it. In addition you’ll be able to download the ‘New 52’ skins for Batman, Robin, and Nightwing for free.

The disappointments don’t stop there however. The Limited Edition version of the game, which included a Batman statue, will be delayed. Amazon is sending out download codes and as of right now the only edition available on their website, other than the normal game, is a comic bundle which includes no statues of figurines.


This isn’t great news for a game that itself was delayed from 2014 to later this week. Thankfully the word on the street seems to be very good for Arkham Knight and from what Rocksteady says this will be their final one. The unofficial mantra around Chooch is “don’t preorder”, usually because none of us can ever be sure how good or how bad any game will ever be. It’s a shame even the die hard fans who can almost safely assume they’ll enjoy a game can’t escape this preorder curse but again, don’t preorder anything.

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