November 3, 2016 | by Michael
Bastion Coming to Xbox One; Free for Some

“The kid plays Bastion for free,” a gruff voice says from above. Bastion came out way back in 2011 and was an absolute delight. It played well, had an amazing soundtrack, and was incredibly beautiful just to look at. For those of you who missed your chance to play Bastion, you’ll have soon have a chance to experience the game on a modern console.

On December 12th, Bastion will release on the Xbox One for $15; that is, unless you purchased the 360 version way back when. In that case, you’ll have until January 1st to download a free copy of the Xbox One version. That’s a pretty great way to end the year. The game will run at 1080p, will add a few achievements, and will include DLC. Not bad for free.

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