June 19, 2017 | by Michael
Bandai Namco and Capcom Plan Cross-Licensing for Online Matchmaking

It’s no secret that despite having rival video games competing with one another on the market, Capcom and Bandai Namco have no problem working together. Akuma appears in Tekken 7 and both games even went head to head in Street Fighter X Tekken back in 2012. Now their bond of friendship is reaching new heights as Capcom announced today both companies are entering into a “cross-licensing agreement for online matching.” In a post on their company website Capcom specifically cites Street Fighter as a property that would directly benefit from this deal. It’s no secret that Street Fighter V hasn’t launched as well as Capcom originally hoped and Capcom is clearly looking to make up where they lost ground.

“With this agreement as a starting point, Capcom will continue to explore cross-licensing opportunities in order to safeguard its patents while improving the user experience and contributing to a healthier game industry.”

Without any other specific examples to look to, I’m hoping this ends up panning out well for both companies. Capcom clearly went out of their way to specify that Street Fighter will benefit from this deal, but I’d hope all their future games could be ensured a healthy internet network as well. Maybe this means one days we’ll finally get Tekken X Street Fighter…right….right?!

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