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November 22, 2018 | by Janie
BadCupid is SaltyBet, but for Procedural AI Romance

Kitfox Games, developers of Moon Hunters, The Shrouded Isle, and upcoming dating sim roguelike Boyfriend Dungeon, have a new project that combines gambling, procedural generation, and romance and it sounds wild as hell. BadCupid is a game/stream hybrid in the vein of SaltyBet, where audience members can interact and bet on the outcomes of series of dates between A.I. characters.

The characters are pulled mostly from indie games or history, and each have their own personalities and interests that will affect how well they pair up in the procedurally generated dates. Current members of the roster include Ahmeesal from Moon Hunters, The Necrodancer from Crypt of the Necrodancer, Sherlock Holmes, Henry VIII, and Venus as depicted in the Birth of Venus. The stream will also accept user submissions for new characters, meaning if you’ve got an OC you want to see try and date Abraham Lincoln, this could be your chance!

BadCupid looks like a fun and goofy experiment in streaming and in flirting. The devs have said this is a project they’re looking to add to and improve over time, developing it live along with the community, so I’m real interested in seeing what it looks like going forward. The first round of streams kick off at 2 pm on Thanksgiving day until midnight (meaning they’ll be live when this article goes up), and will run throughout the rest of the weekend over on the BadCupid Mixer page.

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