April 27, 2017 | by Ryan
Atlus Eases Persona 5 Streaming Restrictions

Persona 5 has garnered no end of critical acclaim in the weeks since its release, but not everyone has been happy with how Atlus chose to handle streaming and sharing the game. On release, Atlus announced that not only would the PS4 Share function be locked during gameplay, but they would restrict streaming to 90 minute chunks, and forbid players from progressing past July 7th in the game’s calendar. Now, in the wake of fan backlash, Atlus is dialing back these rules.

In a blog post, Atlus apologizes for the “threatening” tone of their earlier announcement, and details a couple changes to their policy. First, the limit on content has been moved to the game date of November 19th- “when the main story gears up for the final act;” or about 8/9ths of the game. Second, although not mentioned in the official blog post, the 90 minute cap on streaming has been completely lifted, as confirmed by Eurogamer. The article mentions nothing about removing the PS4 Share restriction, assumedly since Atlus still wants players “to enjoy the game without fear of being spoiled.”

The rollback on these restrictions is a good step forward for Atlus, particularly in regards to quelling fan backlash. However, it still doesn’t solve problems regarding the PS4 Share function. We no longer live in the PS2 era of Persona 4, and most players have already taken to phone camera photographs of Persona 5. If they were truly worried about spoilers, it would benefit Atlus to allow limited PS4 Share instead of restricting it entirely. In addition, only those with third party hardware will be able to stream without PS4 Share. The lessened restrictions are certainly a step forward, but there are still plenty of issues to be addressed.

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