July 30, 2017 | by Rose
Atlus Announces Persona 5 Anime Series

Persona 5 is a good game, so like with most of their good games, Atlus has just announced a Persona 5 anime series.

The series will be made by A-1 Pictures, who also helped make previous animated Persona projects like the Persona 3 films and, most recently, the Persona 5 prequel OVA. The voice cast for the series will also be carried over from the original Japanese dub of the game, meaning there won’t be any weird jarring moments of “uhhh that’s not my Makoto?”

While the quality of Persona-based anime has always been questionable, some becoming so maligned they were struck from the canon, it’s better in situations like this to just sit back and hope for the best. I mean hey, if it’s bad, at least Persona 5 is still damn good.


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