March 19, 2018 | by Scott B
Atari Is Coming Out With A New Console For Some Reason

It’s been 25 years since Atari launched their last home console, the Atari Jaguar, which was such a commercial failure that Atari had to leave the home console market. Now, following the success of the NES and SNES Classic systems, Atari is announcing its return to home consoles with the Atari VCS.

Revealed at this year’s Game Developers Conference, The Atari VCS is the size of a normal home console and designed in the style of Atari 2600. It comes with a newer controller styled after your standard Xbox 360 controller, as well as a classic joystick that would be a much better fit for older games.

The original prototype of the Atari VCS was primarily designed for Atari 2600 emulation, however it is also expected to run off of Linux, which would make installation of other games totally possible.

There’s no official word yet on what games will be available for the system, but Atari has promised a mixture of older and newer games. What that means exactly is up in the air, but it can be easy to imagine that ports of older games like Pong, Pitfall, or Battlezone will show up on it as well as some newer indie games. One of the promotional images shows Terraria being played, and while that’s not a confirmation of whether it’d be included, that can still be a good barometer for what kinds of games Atari is aiming to launch their console with. It’d also be pretty easy to see video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu showing up on it as well.

The Atari VCS is expected fall within a price range of $249 to $299 depending on different SKUs. The device is expected to release later this year, but if you’re interested in more up to date information, you can sign up for a wait list to learn more.

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