October 29, 2015 | by Michael
Arkham Knight Should be Behind Bars

With triumph in their voices Warner Bros. proudly proclaimed the return of Batman: Arkham Knight to Steam. This was months after the initial, broken release on PC, and after Warner Bros. promised everything would be fixed. Even offering a free game and free DLC for PC players.

According to Digital Foundry, after several patches since September, nothing has changed. The only differences seem to be the “addition of support for add-on and season pass content”. Woof. And then some users are even saying the new PC requirements are outrageous. Windows 10 users are saying they’ve been recommended to have 12 GB of RAM. Oof.

As with the initial release some users are reporting the game runs just fine while others can’t play at all. Plenty of games have had plenty of problems but after four months Warner Bros. is either unable or unwilling to fix this game properly. At what point do they pretend all is well and refuse to spend money on this port hurting consumers in the end?

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