Annapurna, 12 Minutes
June 9, 2019 | by Niall
Annapurna’s 12 Minutes Coming Soon

Annapurna Interactive showed off a new narrative game, 12 Minutes, tonight at E3 during Microsoft’s press briefing. Taking cues from Groundhog Day, 12 Minutes is a top-down adventure that takes place largely within the confines of a single apartment, with events seemingly repeating themselves over and over. Assuming what we can from the trailer; the player will be tasked with preventing the revenge killing of himself and his wife, following the revelation that she was responsible for her own father’s death.

It’s an interesting perspective for one of these largely narrative games to take, both in terms of its structure and setting, and the unique visuals could serve to aid in creating a hurried, claustrophobic sense of urgency around the storyline. No release date was given, but the game is set to launch soon and will be available via Game Pass.

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