November 4, 2015 | by John
Alan Wake 2 will Eventually be a Thing

Alan Wake was an interesting, yet flawed piece of work on the Xbox 360, but it was one of those games where critics felt that developer Remedy Entertainment would stick the landing if they had another go. After a well received spin off in American Nightmare, Alan Wake news went dark, and Remedy began work on their latest endeavour, Quantum Break. Plenty of fans asked if an Alan Wake 2 would happen, and finally creative director Sam Lake gave the green light on the game’s development…or at least the intention on bringing it to light some day.

During a rapid fire Q&A with Game Informer, Lake was met with the question we kept asking; “Will we ever play Alan Wake 2?” His positive response is all Alan Wake fans need for now! I’m sure we’ll hear more about the sequel once Quantum Break is released and goes through its marketing cycle.


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