July 26, 2016 | by Rose
Adam Boyes Has A New Home As Iron Galaxy CEO

Adam Boyes surprised everyone a few weeks back when he announced he was stepping down as head of Sony’s third party publishing division, but seeing where he’s gone now, it makes quite a bit of sense.

Replacing CEO Dave Lang, Boyes will be the new man in charge for Chicago indie studio Iron Galaxy. The studio has built a reputation as primarily working on other studios’ games, like the well-received Killer Instinct, or the ill-fated Arkham City PC port last year.

Former CEO Dave Lang will remain in a new “Founder” position, where he will continue to oversee all business plans and game prototypes for the company.

Boyes has had a great history with Sony over the past four years, creating new relationships with plenty of names both big and small for the company.

We’ll look forward to seeing what New™ Iron Galaxy has up their sleeve for the future.

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