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August 30, 2017 | by Michael
A Bunch of Nintendo Switch Indie Game News

Just ahead of PAX West, Nintendo streamed out some news about a ton of indie games heading to the Switch. If you happened to miss the stream then sit back, relax, and we’ll run down some of the bigger titles worth laying eyes upon.

Clearly the biggest news coming out of the stream was from Suda 51. After announcing that Suda would be working on some sort of No More Heroes game for the Switch, we finally got a glimpse of what that will be. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming exclusively to the Switch in 2018 and will feature tie-ins from other indie games. Travis and a bat-wielding foe fight inside an RV when they are sucked inside a phantom video game system and must fight their way out again.

Kentucky Route Zero will be coming to the Switch, as Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, in early 2018 and will feature all five acts. That means KRZ will finally be finished early next year as well, for everyone who has been eagerly awaiting its finale. We’ll also be getting a Super Meat Boy sequel entitled Super Meat Boy Forever. It looks more like a runner rather than a platformer, but I may be reading too much into the little bit of gameplay they showed off.

That’s enough about games we knew about, what about the new stuff? Let’s start off with Morphies’ Law, a multiplayer team shooter that’s all about stealing your enemies body size. As you shoot your opponent, you’ll steal size from their varying body parts. If you shoot the head, their head will shrink and your’s will enlarge. As you bulk up your body parts so will your overall team’s avatar body and whoever builds their avatar bigger will win.

There was also Mulaka which is based on the Tarahumara, a Native people from Mexico known for their ability to run insanely long distances. Mulaka is colorful and mesmerizing to watch in motion and is definitely worth a look.

There was plenty more, including neat looking games like Golf Story, Floor Kids, and Sausage Sports Club. We also got a date for Steamworld Dig 2 which will be in your hands on September 21st of this year. If you wanna check out all the other indie titles coming to the Switch later this year and into 2018, you can relive the entire stream below.

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