July 22, 2018 | by Niall

We’ve got our soda, our milk and our mixing spoons for Chooch 225! Rose has given us the gift of SODAMILK, but that doesn’t stop us from getting in the Gamestop dumpster to talk Yakuza, adventure games, Overwatch changes, playing Dark Souls the wrong way, the most Hollow of Knights, lighting Pyres, the little things in Geralt’s world, David Cage’s new anime, more bad battle royale talk, Scott Stapp’s Assassin’s Creed, Rose’s Game Fuel mixtures, and Ryu’s laundry.

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Our theme song is “Crush” by Melt Channel, from the album Magic is Real.

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Video Game Choo Choo's resident Irishman, senior editor, audio engineer and #1 Danganronpa fanboy, regardless of what John Michonski says.

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