November 21, 2017 | by 

Paul Giamatti's Blood on the Sand will blow you away this E3.

May 21, 2017 | by 

Yeah yeah, another Sonic Team game we get it. When are you gonna give Shadow Team another try?

March 17, 2017 | by 

Disposable underwear has never looked so good.

July 31, 2016 | by 

I guess 10's kids will also learn that Sega's got what Nintendon't.

July 26, 2016 | by 

Classic Shadow or I Riot!

July 23, 2016 | by 

Take me down to Sonicmania, brother.

July 22, 2016 | by 

Playing the Sonic expansion to Street Fighter all voiced by Nolan North.

October 7, 2015 | by 

Join Ryan and Michael as they venture through some never before released Sonic games.

August 11, 2015 | by 

As far as video game franchises go, the Sonic Boom series isn't exactly the most successful...

June 9, 2015 | by