Bungie's really done it this time...

May 13, 2018 | by 

I feel like I have a handle on this game and then it somehow confuses me even more every day.

April 6, 2018 | by 

Killin' the podcast game.

September 24, 2017 | by 

I should've chosen a title that would've lended itself to a better image.

January 29, 2017 | by 

Shout out to McDonald's Matt.

January 22, 2017 | by 

If I was in charge we would be talking about our Top 10 Geralt pics, but alas.

December 27, 2016 | by 

I don't remember why I chose this name, or why I'm using this picture. Just go with it, okay?

December 4, 2016 | by 

Haydee is GOTY.

August 21, 2016 | by 

The fantasy may be final, but the release date wasn't.

August 13, 2016 | by