Translating a 100 hour JRPG into a 10 hour TV series always goes great.

July 30, 2017 | by 

Enter the world of Danganronpa....for real!

July 24, 2015 | by 

It's a translation of an adaptation of an adaptation of a video game.

May 22, 2015 | by 

Mike and Will go to Las Vegas, John tries to host the podcast, and Lauren is the Anime Queen.

October 25, 2014 | by 

Please, someone explain this to me. I'm so confused.

October 18, 2014 | by 

It's the end of Guest Month, and Nick Robinson of Rev3 Games joins the Choo Crew for some bodacious Japanimation talk.

July 29, 2014 | by 

The Choo Crew is joined by Miss Christine Love to fully discuss Kill la Kill: the Anime of the Year.

April 11, 2014 | by 

Mike plays the Titanfall beta, Steven is a real human bean, and John adds to his waifu roster.

February 24, 2014 | by 

Take hold of your glowing, poorly drawn katana, and fight the nerds who are your enemy.

January 23, 2014 | by