According to franchise director Kotaro Uchikoshi, the final game in the Zero Escape series might not happen.

February 14, 2014 | by 

Heads up to bargain-seeking 3DS owners looking to expand their libraries, in celebration of the announcement of their latest game Weapon Shop de Omasse, Level-5 is running a sale on the previous titles in the Guild series.

February 13, 2014 | by 

Divekick is back, baby!

February 12, 2014 | by 

According to a Batman: Arkham Origins community manager, WB Montreal currently has "no plans" to release a final patch for the game.

February 9, 2014 | by 

Hey Playstation people, go get Skullgirls!

February 7, 2014 | by 

Half-Life 2 on the Oculus Rift with the Razer Hydra? Sounds crazy, but Myles Cox is here to show you how it's done.

February 7, 2014 | by 

It looks like there's a new Duke Nukem game. Okay?

February 2, 2014 | by 

It's not an exact date, but we're close!

January 30, 2014 | by 

The mystical fairies that make dreams come true at Yacht Club Games have, at long last, given their flagship title a release date!

January 22, 2014 | by 

It seems that Valve has noticed the questioning reactions of both gamers and developers towards the less-than-traditional design of their Steam Controller, and they're ready to make a change.

January 15, 2014 | by